Can Exercise Make You Smarter?

 Get-Fit Guy explains whether exercise can make you smarter. 

Ben Greenfield,
February 15, 2012

For a long time, researchers have known that exercise can make you smarter. This is due to increased blood flow to your brain, and increased presence of special compounds called “growth factors” that multiply when you exercise, allowing for creation of new brain cells and cell connections.

But the kind of exercise that you perform has a dramatic effect on how much smarter you’re able to get. For example, when you weight train, more of those special growth factors stay in your muscles, but when you do aerobic training, more of the growth factors wind up in your brain.

And that’s not all. Harder aerobic training (like running on a treadmill) can cause enhanced brain functioning compared to easier aerobic training (like an easy walk).

So what’s the take-away message?

Try to do a hard aerobic exercise session a few times a week to keep your brain muscles working. If you need your brain to operate at peak capacity on a specific day, consider getting up early in the morning and doing an aerobic session.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock